COVID-19 Fundraising Drive

This year we face a dilemma like never before. For the first time ever our Cumberland Hill pool may not be able to open this year due to the viral pandemic. It is May and this is still a very fluid and changing situation.
As of this writing, the governor has closed all apartment and neighborhood pools with a possibility of a mid to late summer opening. While devastating to many neighborhood pools like ours, others are financially supported by their residents, as their pool is part of their annual HOA dues. Waterford, Hartland and Pinnacle pools may not open this summer, but the neighborhood will sustain them financially. If Cumberland Hill pool does not open, we cannot sustain. We cannot pay our mortgage, we cannot pay our utilities, and we cannot pay our insurance.
Like many businesses in the city, around the state, and throughout the country that have faced foreclosures and bankruptcy due to the pandemic, we will face the same consequence without assistance from the members of CHSPA, CHNA and our fellow neighbors. The loss of this pool would be devastating to Cumberland Hill and to our home values.
Our treasurer has calculated that we will need approximately $20,000 to sustain our pool and clubhouse until next year if we are unable to open our gates this year. That works out to about $100 from every charter member if all 205 pay, and even less per person if our regular pool members and Cumberland Hill residents donate as well.
If you have already paid for this year’s pool membership, we can apply your payment to a charter membership ($500), allowing you lifetime discounts on the pool and clubhouse and additional guest passes each season. Or if you like, we will apply this year’s membership fee to the 2021 season if the pool doesn’t open, thus you will owe nothing next year, and you will be ahead of the game!
This is an unprecedented hard time in our great country that has affected all of us. We know that many of our friends, pool members, and residents have been hit hard by the effects of this pandemic, but if you are lucky enough to have been spared financially, please consider our request and donate or buy a pool membership.
As we said, this is still a fluid, ever-changing situation and we are praying for the opportunity to salvage some of our swim season at Cumberland Hill.
If you would like to pay for your pool membership, please do so on our membership page:  MEMBERSHIP
If you can make a donation or recurring monthly donations, regardless of how large or small, you may write a check to CHSPA (note on your check as “donation”) and:
MAIL:   CHSPA c/o Jim Crouch, 4577 Longbridge Ln, Lexington, KY 40515

DROP-BOX:   Located at the Clubhouse on the front porch (1095 Rockbridge Rd)
OR donate online here with a credit card. A PayPal account is NOT required:


Thank you so much for your support!