Pool Membership – 2021 Season

Pool membership is open to anyone. Non-residents of Cumberland Hill can join, as long as memberships are available. Charter Partners of CHSPA enjoy reduced rates. For more information about Charter membership, please see the information at the bottom of this page.

Regular Member Rates:

  • Family: $525.00 ($550.00 after May 1st)
  • Couple: $425.00 ($450.00 after May 1st)
  • Single: $325.00 ($350.00 after May 1st)

* Regular Membership includes 5 guest passes for early payment (by May 1st).

Charter Member Rates:

  • Family: $480.00 ($505.00 after May 1st)
  • Couple: $380.00 ($405.00 after May 1st)
  • Single: $280.00 ($305.00 after May 1st)

* Charter Membership includes 5 guest passes plus an additional 5 for early payment.

  • See below for Charter Partner Membership information.
  • Family membership consists of the member, his/her spouse, and any unmarried children under the age of 21 living at same residence.
  • The Pool Membership season runs from Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day.
  • Pool hours on our Pool Info Page

3 Ways To Join

(1) By mail

You can download a Membership Application here:


Make check payable to CHSPA and send to:

CHSPA c/o Josh Lynch
1095 Rockbridge Rd.
Lexington, KY 40515

* After the start of the pool season, please know that mailing in your payment will delay your membership until it is received and processed.

(2) Pay at the gate

Once the pool season has started, you can fill out the Membership Form and make your payment by check or Venmo at the entrance gate of the pool. A lifeguard or gate attendant can assist you.

(3) Pay online

Pay with a credit or debit card, and fill out the online membership form (you will be directed to it after making your payment).

We use PayPal, and it’s not necessary to have an account; you can click the “Pay with Debit or Credit Card” button to checkout as a “guest”.

After you make your payment, you will be directed to the online form to complete your membership.

** A 3% surcharge will apply to PayPal payments to cover processing fees.

PayPal Fees for Regular Member Payments:

  • Family: $525.00 + 15.75 (PayPal) = $540.75
  • Couple: $425.00 + 12.75 (PayPal) = $437.75
  • Single: $325.00 + 9.75 (PayPal) = $334.75

PayPal Fees for Charter Member Payments:

  • Family: $480.00 + 14.40 (PayPal) = $494.40
  • Couple: $380.00 + 11.40 (PayPal) = $391.40
  • Single: $280.00 + 8.40 (PayPal) = $288.40
Select your appropriate membership level below:


Regular Members:

Select Membership Level

Charter Members:

Select Membership Level

Charter Partner Membership

(Separate from annual pool membership)

In January 2009, the Cumberland Hill Neighborhood faced the strong possibility of losing the Pool/Clubhouse property forever.

Neighbors banded together, formed the CHSPA association and forged a plan to make sure that the entire recreation complex would not only be saved, but would be put in the hands of all interested neighbors. The Charter Partner Membership program was devised to both raise necessary revenue and give special benefits to its members.

250 Charter Partner Memberships (“CPs”) will be sold. This equals the maximum number of pool memberships each year. Thus, CPs have priority on pool memberships every year, and this benefit is transferable with the sale of one’s home. CPs are not limited to Cumberland Hill residents. Over 200 CPs have already been sold to residents of Cumberland Hill and many nearby neighborhoods. Buy one now, as once they’re sold, they’re gone.

Benefits Of Charter Partner Membership:

  • Priority on Pool membership every year.
  • Transferable. Great investment in your property value.
  • Reduced membership and rental rates.
  • CP-only special events throughout each year.
  • Ability to lease one’s CP — another investment option.

One time cost of Charter Partner Membership: $500
(This is separate from an annual pool membership)

To pay by check: Charter Membership Form (PDF)

To pay with PayPal (a 3% PayPal surcharge will apply, so your total will be $515.00):